The Military College of South Carolina

Leadership Day

About Leadership Day

On this day all regularly scheduled classes are replaced with an on- or off-campus training, seminar, or service project.

Each cadet participates in an approved Leadership Day activity. A majority of cadets use this day to complete their LDRS 211, 311, or 411 graduation requirement.

  • Freshmen participate in the SHARE Program. Each freshman is assigned a team by company. Freshmen are led by trained upperclassmen and spend the day engaging elementary school students in an activity to increase their awareness of heroism and service to others.
  • Sophomores choose from a variety of service projects on and off campus. Each sophomore is required to sign up on the Leadership Day signup page at
  • Juniors participate in the on-campus Junior Ethics Enrichment Experience (JEEE), also known as LDRS 311. To get credit for this graduation requirement, juniors register for LDRS 311 for the fall semester through Banner.
  • Seniors participate in a Senior Leadership Integration Seminar (SLIS/LDRS 411) of their choosing. Cadets select which seminar they want to attend and register for their desired LDRS 411 class through Banner.

Leadership Day Reports