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Digital Leadership Tools

Digital Tools enhance everyday leader development.  On this page you will find a list of Digital Leadership Tools, compiled by surveying other leaders, that we believe any leader could find useful and beneficial. 

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Adobe Fill & Sign

Leadership Application: Leaders use Adobe Fill & Sign to reduce physical paper forms, thereby reducing the time it takes to submit and receive signatures and other information.

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Leadership Application: Leaders use Basecamp to plan, schedule, and communicate around project-based work. Basecamp can improve leader visibility, decentralized tasking, and goal setting.

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Leadership Application: Leaders at the Citadel use Canvas as a Learning Management Software (LMS) to integrate quality online learning material. Unlike most of the tools on this list, this tool may not be useful to everyone, but it is such a useful concept for training and educating Principled Leaders at The Citadel that we have included it for review.

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fitbod workout and fitness plans

Leadership Application: Leaders can use Fitbod to educate themselves and others on how to properly use gym equipment. For the cost of a single personal training session, users benefit from short videos and workout plans tailored to their fitness level, knowledge level, and progress in strength training.

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Leadership Application: Leaders can use this online community to match volunteers to community needs or connect their own teams to serve their communities together.

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Leadership Application: Leaders can use iThoughts for mind mapping, ideating, and spurring and tracking creative thought to improve productivity.

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iOS – $11.99
Mac – $49.99
Windows – $49.99


Leadership Application: Leaders can replace their scanner or scan on the go with JotNot.

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Microsoft Teams

Leadership Application: Leaders can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate and communicate, share files, meet with video, share screens, and organize efforts by “channel”.

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Leadership Application: Leaders can use this app to organize reminders by location, date, time, priority and category.

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Leadership Application: Leaders can convert, edit, sign, merge, and compress many kinds of documents into small PDFs.

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Leadership Application: Leaders can create multi-faceted, multi-media flashcards for teaching or learning.

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Leadership Application: Leaders use Zoom to schedule, meet, and record meetings over video chat.

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Desktop Tools

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office
Microsoft Word, Excel, & Powerpoint

Leadership Application: Leaders use Microsoft Tools for a large variety of purposes from writing, presenting, calculating, tracking, projecting, collaborating, and sharing.

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Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Calendar

Leadership Application: Leaders use Google “G-Suite” tools for a variety of web-based communication, collaboration, and operational efforts.

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