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Story Time With The Citadel

Ages 6 and Under Ages 7 and Up

Story Time With The Citadel

The mission of Story Time With The Citadel is to share the joy of reading, even when we can not be together in a classroom. There is nothing more fun than reading a good book together. These students, staff, and friends of the Citadel have picked some of their favorites to read (some are even reading their favorite books in Spanish!) . Feel free to share the link to this site with other friends and families who might want to add some great stories to their day. If you are a Citadel student or staff member wishing to submit a recording please see the instruction guide below and follow it precisely. If you just love to listen and maybe read along, ENJOY!

Click here for a guide on how to create the perfect Story Time video!

It’s fun to share a read aloud at any age and stage, but to help you narrow the choices we have created three tabs: Good books for 6 and under, favorites for 7 and up, and stories in other languages. By all means feel free to sample from any category – ENJOY!!