The Military College of South Carolina

The Citadel Honor Conference

About the Honor Conference

The purpose of the honor conference is to establish an honor-focused support network between senior military colleges and federal service academics, share honor resources, and foster a spirit of collaboration and transparency between the various honor programs.

The first honor conference hosted by The Citadel took place in February of 2023.

Students and advisors from 11 military colleges pose for a photo during the first Citadel Honor Conference on Thursday February 9, 2023 in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to the Citadel, the Air Force Academy, The Coast Guard Academy, The Merchant Marine Academy, Norwich University, The Naval Academy, Texas A&M, University of North Georgia, Virginia Military Institute, Virgina Tech, and West Point participated in the first ever conference of its kind.(Ed Wray/The Citadel)

Honor Manual