The Military College of South Carolina

LDRS 411: Senior Leadership Integration Seminar

The LDRS 411 Senior Leadership Integration Seminar is a typically off-campus, full-day professional development seminar where cadets reflect upon the value of their character and leadership lessons learned at The Citadel. Cadets engage with career professionals and Citadel faculty facilitators to discuss how they will apply their academic disciplines and Leader Development Program education as an effective principled leader after graduation. Cadets consider their duty as Citadel graduates to make a positive, lasting impact in their workplaces and communities. Each student will complete a final essay submitted to their eLeadership Portfolio where they apply the ethical dilemma recognition, characterization, resolution process, and evaluation process to provide a solution to an ethical dilemma in their field of study.

Completion of the Senior Leadership Integration Seminar is a graduation requirement.

Students can find syllabus and essay requirements on Canvas.