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A Citadel student presents their research poster, Children’s Heroes: Do They Vary by Age, Gender, and Race? at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Engaged scholarship describes scholarly activity that contributes to community engagement processes. Boyer’s 1996 iconic article introducing engaged scholarship was a rallying cry for colleges and universities to extend their scholarly pursuits to enrich the community through the scholarship of discovery, integration, sharing, and application of knowledge. Subsequently, the concept of engaged scholarship has grown to include community-based participatory research with reciprocal collaboration (Ilkeda, Sandy, & Donahue, 2010). Definitions and requirements of faculty scholarship may vary from department to department. Individual faculty should consult their departmental policies and leadership. Examples of engaged scholarship that has been favorably received on our campus include: Peer-refereed conference papers and journal articles, grants, workshops, and posters with an emphasis on community-based programs, reciprocal collaboration, and impact of community-engaged activities on those serving as well as those served.